Monday, April 2, 2012

the next theme is...THE FIVE SENSES

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere and we hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors--breathing in some fresh air, running in the warm breezes, and partaking in some of your favorite springtime rituals. You know, taking in the wonder of the season with all of your senses and every part of your being.

And speaking of senses, I am happy to announce that our theme for the next two weeks is "the five senses". We all know what they are, right? Well just in case you need a refresher, they are hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell. So let's spend some time on these gorgeous spring days interpreting the five senses with our photographs. Here, let me give you a few examples...

I can seriously smell these lilacs...

lunch date with lilacs.
lunch date with lilacs. by

These blueberries are bursting in my mouth, they taste so good!

sundaymoment by kirstinmckee

I want to touch the natural textures of this fantastic old brick wall...

brickmaster by lindsey g (modchik)

I see spring written all over this beautiful shot...

untitled by soul aperture {christina}

And I can hear the music and the hustle-bustle of rush hour...

musical rush hour
musical rush hour by urban muser

OK, so I hope you are getting it by now, this one should be fun! It'll be really helpful to the muses when we are writing our posts to know which of the five senses you were thinking of when you snapped your photo so please write it in the tags (thanks!). Have a lovely week everyone!

~christy {urban muser}


Anna said...

This theme will hold a zillion possibilities! Sounds fun:)

christina said...

this theme will be awesome.

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