Friday, March 30, 2012

mosaic muse {music}

1. Day 164/365, 2. parting song, 3. July 2, 2011-...and the Band Played On, 4. musical ghosts, 5. A Siren Amongst Many, 6. Tuned In, 7. Jazz , 8. february 9., 9. Light Outline, 10. Cartagena, Colombia, 11. One, 12. Worshipping Kasabian, Cardiff 09, 13. 10.12.11 - Music and Violin, 14. more guitar hero, 15. day 29/1.29.12, 16. The piano

As you can see from this week's mosaic, we all love music in lots of different forms. It takes on all kinds of special meanings for each of us! Go visit each of the featured photographers by clicking on the numbered link below the mosaic. If you see something you love, you've found yourself a great new contact! Let them know you love it in the comments!

What's your interpretation of music? Share your favorite music shots with us by using the linky tool below, which will be open until Sunday evening. We'll pick one winner at random from those of you who link up to win a spot in Darrah Parker's Slice of Life class. For more information on the class, click here. And please feel free to use the mosaic muse button on your blogs as you link up.

Mosaic Muse

Have a photorific weekend!
-Cara of CaraRosePhotos


Kirstin said...

I am loving this mosaic, Cara. Each picture tells such a wonderful story! Thank you.

shirley said...

Ack! For some reason, I missed this post, otherwise I would have linked up.
Thanks for featuring my photo in the mosaic - I love all the interpretations of music.

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