Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ingredients of me

It's not until Spring starts to blossom that I realise how much I have been hibernating over the winter months. My emotions have been dulled by long winter nights and cold days. And the first day of the year when the sunlight starts to warm my skin again, I can feel the spring in my step return.

It's wonderful just to be able to go out without a winter coat. Last week, I took my denim jacket out for its first outing of the year to Ella's parents' evening. It's been such a good friend to me over the years; I bought it in San Francisco when we spent a month out there over a decade ago. And as I met new parents and teachers that evening, I realised that they would get a strong sense of who I was just from looking at all the buttons on my lapels. The badge made by Ella when she younger of me and them. The Police badge from seeing them play live, something I thought I would never be able to do, but then they reformed. The Polaroid badges from Xanthe, a sweet gift. The boy with his arms in the air, which Miles chose when he was two and which reminds me of him every time I look at it. The Moomins whose philosophy I adore. And, of course, Keep Calm and Carry On. I have collected these badges over the last decade. They show some of the ingredients my life over that time: being a mother, 80s music, enjoying photography, appreciating Scandinavian philosophy and design, and still maintaining a sense of joy while juggling everything.

I adore Suzi's fun shot! Just as the badges on my jacket tell you all about me, her red wellies give you a real sense of her strong and playful character as she kicks those waves! Such fun!

kirstin of fleeting moments.

seaside silliness

seaside silliness by Suzi...Shmoo


Gilly said...

Lovely post, Kirstin, and what a great way of carrying your memories and special people with you.

Suzi said...

I was reading down through your post getting to know you that little bit more and who should I see at the end. Silly old me! Thank you lovely x

Anna said...

I can really relate to your feelings about the beginning of spring and the end of winter! Love your button adored jacket and Suzi's exuberant red wellies. Our clothes can certainly tell a story about us!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful post.
I always love learning little bits and pieces of my contacts/flickr friends.
I love that you carry your memories with you, really wonderful!

SuperDewa said...

Love this, Kirstin. What a great way of showing who you are.

christina said...

i love this post, my friend. i loved learning more about you. a great pairing of photos.

Naima Sanowar said...

I even got to know you a little better my lovely Cousin. xoxo

damiec said...

every new bit I learn about you makes me love you even more!

urban muser said...

a beautiful post kirstin! i love how each badge (buttons here in the states!) holds a special meaning for you.

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