Monday, April 30, 2012

the next theme is...LANDSCAPES

I spent a lovely few hours over Easter looking through boxes of pictures I took as a teenager. What surprised me the most was the number of landscapes I took back in the day. Nowadays, I am all about portraits, but clearly landscapes were something that made me smile. So I thought I'd give them another try. It was a lovely excuse on a drive through Wales this past week, to ask Tom to stop the car so I could snap away. I have found myself looking at the world in a different way, at the bigger picture these past few weeks and encourage you to do the same. Hey, I even had a go at HDR, so this might be an excuse for you to try some new ways of processing too!

I'm a city girl, like Christy who uses her iPhone to show off that iconic New York landscape!


skyline by urbanmuser

I loved Meghan's view of Nebraska. This barn looks like the beginning of a really good story, doesn't it?

Nebraska Barn

nebraska barn by meghan davidson

Are there wonderful photos you'd like to share from your travels abroad, like Holly who took this in Africa? You can almost hear the thunder, can't you?

Distant Thunder

distant thunder by soupatraveler

I am so looking forward to seeing your landscapes from near and far, from cities and the country and in any format!

kirstin of fleeting moments


MG Atwood said...

OH my! that last shot is amaaaazing!!

urban muser said...

this is a wonderful theme kirstin! i can't wait to see all the beautiful places filling up the flickr pool.

Meghan @ Life Refocused said...

Awesome theme to work with! Lots of potential!

Lynne said...

Beautiful landscapes! I love this theme, too!

SuperDewa said...

I love the landscapes you've picked here. I find landscapes incredibly challenging. It's one thing to photograph a beautiful view, and another to create a beautiful photograph out of it.

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