Friday, April 27, 2012

mosaic muse {the five senses}

muse mosaic--the five senses
1. 101/366 I never met a chocolate I didn't like. ~Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, 2. A treat., 3. Cereal Love - {Explored}, 4. wild ramps, 5. Untitled, 6. . Spring is in the air, 7. lilacs spilleth over, 8. it's all perspective, 9. - Serendipity -, 10. peachy, 11. my prairie view, 12. practicing patience II, 13. listen, 14. "Fluttering and dancing in the breeze", 15. hope in music, 16. The train is approaching the station 

Don't you just love how the lens of your camera allows you to reach out, experience life, and freeze a memory in time? A wonderful photo can really bring across the sight, smell, sound, feel and taste of its subject. You all did that so beautifully with our "five senses" theme, and I'm sort of sorry to see it end.

We tasted your meals, heard your laughter, felt your hugs, smelled your spring flowers and saw the world through your eyes. Thank you for sharing these moments with us. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites in the collection of images above and take some time to visit the links beneath the mosaic.

Please take a minute today and share your favorite "five senses" shot. Just link up to your blog post or flickr image using the linky tool at the bottom of this post between now and Sunday night. I hope you'll also grab a button and spread the word.

See you next week when we start musing on our "spring in black & white" theme. Have a great weekend everyone!

~christy {urban muser}

Mosaic Muse


Kirstin said...

I love how you've layered this one Christy! Such fun!

SuperDewa said...

I agree with Kirstin and am happy to be a part of this. Thank you! I love seeing Liz's daughter down there in the corner. It's as if she's overwhelmed by all the beauty in here.

Holly ~ Soupatraveler said...

so many awesome shots to go check out, this one rocks!

Zena said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much for including my photo

Susan said...

Love this! Thank you for including my photo. What a nice surprise!

Anna said...

Wonderful mosaic! Love all the senses illustrated here. I enjoyed these posts, too :)

Anna said...

Wonderful mosaic! Love all the senses illustrated here. I enjoyed these posts, too :)

unikorna said...

You speak my own language and I can only bow gracefully and invite you to a cup of tea, when available :).

Christian said...

Gorgeous mosiac!

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