Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the power of words

Often words may be big and bold; you shout them out to the whole world! While at other times, they remain plain, even silent. Tiny letters forming thoughts, expressing feelings. Funny to think how much power they hold. One phrase, "I love you," can make our hearts soar, while the lack of them can crush our souls into little pieces. Absent from loved ones, you long to hear their words flow freely in a constant chatter. His voice. Her laughter. Once you hear these beautiful messages, your heart sings in happiness.

Last month, my close friend had her first opening at a gallery in Chelsea. She'd flown in from Florida on New Year's Day to prepare, her first trip away from her one-year old daughter. She'd mentioned in a previous email that if I'd like to help her paint the piece, a 20' x 14' temporary installation, I could arrive early. The day after New Year's the phone rang. Her voice wavered as she quietly asked if I'd considered her proposal. I knew this voice. 25 years of friendship, 8 years of fine art classes, and countless broken hearts between us, I could recognize it anywhere. Toneless, without inflection, but exhausted with a trace of sorrow. The words weren't there, but the message was clear, she needed help.

The next morning I caught the train from Philly up to New York. Although we've only caught up in person a handful of times since college, like all true friendships, the passage of time was irrelevant once we were together. In all the craziness of preparations, she hadn't allowed herself to miss her little girl. 24 hours later, with the completion of the piece and nothing left to do but wait, it finally hit her. But before she crumbled into sorrow missing her family, a video arrived in her inbox, filled with laughter and love from her little girl, and filled with the words she needed to hear.

This Valentine's Day, are there any words you need to share with someone you love? VeronicainMo's photo below is a lovely reminder to us all about the power of love and the power of words.

Holly ~ Soupatraveler

How about LOVE?
How about LOVE by VeronicainMo


Kirstin said...

What a wonderful post Holly. I know that missing feeling can hit with such force. And perfect pairing too.

Dorian Susan said...

I've made that Philly to NY trip several times. Love the installation piece you all created. You can never lose a true good friend.

Anna said...

Holly, what a heartfelt post! You have gift for weaving words together! Perfect images, too. Thank you to all the MM's today for spreading their love of photography!!! You ladies inspire us all :)
Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm Veronica said...

Another lovely post. Happy Valentines Day Holly and all you creative souls who visit here!

Staci Kennelly said...

Such beautiful words of love. Such a sweet story of friendship!

Barbara said...

A heartfelt and thoughtful post!

urban muser said...

a beautiful, thoughtful post. full of love and emotion holly. love it!

Christian said...

Oh I just love these photos! And a lovely story <3

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