Monday, February 13, 2012

mirror mirror

It's not about you RS 
Words have a funny way of making you think. For example, I have a small mirror in my office that was once meant to attach to a computer monitor. I found it one day as I was de-cluttering my desk. I remember thinking, "oh cool...I could use a small mirror," even though I already have a much larger mirror in my office. Then I looked closer...there in fine print, it read "It is not about..." Ouch. Something tells me that I found this message on purpose - I mean...isn't that the way life works?

Much like a Chinese fortune cookie (if you buy into that sorta thing), we're often faced with words that cause us to think about what we're doing or what we will be doing in a more intentional way. Most recently, I was having dinner with my husband just before going into my 12 week ultrasound appointment (oh yeah...for those of you that don't know already...I'm expecting) when we opened two fortune cookies. We often giggle at the fortune messages, but have recently found ourselves flipping the message over to "learn Chinese." On this particular evening, the words left us said "summer" (I'm due in August) and the other said "girl." Granted, at this point we don't know the gender, but we definitely saved these words as they might have significance later on.

I also like how Mom Photographer's photo causes me to stop and think. There's certainly some thinking involved in just reading what it says. More importantly, it requires us to look in the mirror. Not in a Snow White, "Mirror Mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all," kind of way...but in a way that we can see ourselves as the beautiful, intelligent, artists that we know we are.

So maybe it's not all about "me." However, let us not forget to look at ourselves in the speak encouraging words to one another...and to live a life that reflects who we are from the inside out.

Until next time,
Ashley of Ramblings and Photos
... and what do you see?
...and what do you see? by Mom Photographer


Dorian Susan said...

Great reflections....images and thoughts.

Becky said...


Anna said...

Hi Ashley,
Those words or events that seem to be definitely meant for us, certainly do give us pause and make us think! Reflecting on your thoughts and images today. Thanks.

urban muser said...

can't wait to see if that fortune comes true!

Becky Sue said...

Wonderful words and images. Congratulations!

Kirstin said...

What a wonderful post, Ashley! I am placing my bets on a girl..x

Holly ~ Soupatraveler said...

awesome ashley! love your story of the fortune cookies...i can see you with a mini-me! xoxo

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