Wednesday, February 15, 2012

storytelling without words

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Trying to tell a story when the words don't come is like pulling teeth, it's hard. As photographers we can bypass the keyboard pick up a camera and let the story unfold in the frame. We don't need to explain and sometimes the words just get in the way of the photo. If we just leave well enough alone the photo will talk for itself. Maybe the photo paints an entirely different story than the one that was intended, its completely up to the viewer and their experience.

Take time to look around at how your photos play the role of storyteller.

When I saw this photo in the Mortal Muse Flickr pool I immediately conjured up the history in my mind behind the rusting red Dodge.  I can't make out the license plate but I believe that's a peeling RedSox bumper sticker, I can almost smell the salt air. I'm wondering how many miles and how many stories has this truck seen. I want to see more.

Lindsey aka Modchik

Still Runs {359/365}
Still runs by Dorian Susan

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seabluelee said...

There's something about a beat up old pickup truck that causes my imagination to think of stories, too. Perhaps it's that anything with that many scars must have had an interesting "life." This one is obviously a serious, working truck. But I'll bet it's seen a bit of fun, too!

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