Tuesday, January 31, 2012

looking out to be present within

Looking Out & Looking In {hss}

 "If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us." ~ Daisaku Ikeda

While searching through my flickr stream the other day, I came across this image from last summer, which, coincidentally, I'd entitled "Looking Out & Looking In." It made me realize that I have a propensity for taking self-portraits that usually never see the light of day. Little, spontaneous snippets of my life, caught in some sort of reflective surface like this one taken in the glass of our front door. A summer dress. A happy dog. He's looking out, and I'm looking in. Truly a moment to remember, and one that fortunately made it out of the archives having been shot for last year's 365. Under the caption, I'd written, "Took this one last night just after the sun went down, and right before Maj went crazy when a bike rode by!"

Catching memories like this one, serve as a happy reminder that I'm blessed with an abundance of beautiful moments. The funny thing though, is that I often forget about them. As much as I try to be present, to live in the moment and see the everyday beauty around me, I can get lost in thought, caught up in the daily grind of life's mundane realities: bills to pay, a house to be cleaned, a dog who requires more exercise than I do! So as a photographer, I'm fortunate that regardless of where my mind might wander off, my natural instinct is to record what's around me while its happening, often leaving a trail of random self-portraits to follow throughout my archives. A catalog of self-expression in puddles, shop windows, rear-view mirrors, and sunglasses.

When I came across Bettie New's image below, coupled up with the above quote, I knew she has these photographic reflexes too. Hopefully, I'll keep remembering to record my own "love of life" while the world continues to remind me of the beauty that's always right beyond my lens. How do you remind yourself to be present? 

Holly ~ Soupatraveler

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Jill said...

Reflections in photos could be a whole, beautiful project. Elliott Erwitt called some of his photos "mystery photos" when you had to look again to see just what was going on. I like that.

urban muser said...

i just love these reflections and that quote holly!

Dorian Susan said...

Reflections shots are so much fun. Both of these "feel" good. Love that dog looking back at you.

bettie said...

That quote is my mantra. No matter how I am feeling, I can bring myself back to the present moment if I have a camera in my hand. Windows provide such a magical opportunity to see two worlds at once. Thanks for including me!

Anna said...

Hi Holly,
I enjoyed both these photos! Refection shots are so intriguing with their layers of reality. Love them and that quote!
In answer to your question, the beauty of each season and it's distinct light keeps me aware of the present moment. My camera helps me record this beauty and my love of the visual world.

Staci Kennelly said...

Both are beautiful. Such wisdom and encouragement here. I think this is the first year I have really tried to be.

shirley said...

Such a great post - we capture things around us to remind us how blessed we are.

Kirstin said...

These are both such happy images, Holly! And that quote is perfection.

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