Wednesday, February 1, 2012

looking in as an outsider

I recently went on a trip for a few days to city that had me feeling like a real outsider looking in. Everything about this place was dramatically different than home. Most noticeable was the color palette. Temperatures outside low enough to obliterate any a hint of green, this was not the land of palm trees and manicured lawns. Camera in pocket I set out to looking to capture images that would bring back those memories some day.

At the base of this beige monolithic brick and mortar hotel there was was a row of windows offering a glimpse through a busy hallway into the windows of a toy store. The glow of the lights and carefully color coordinated displays were a magnet to the young and old.

I called this How Much is that Monster in the Window.

Using windows is one of the easiest ways to frame and draw the eye inwards. You may find yourself leaning in for a closer view of what lies just beyond. Center focus helps direct the eye as well. 

When I searched for an image to feature from the Mortal Muse Flickr Group I knew quickly that my choice was Montacute House 2 by Gitte Morten. I was immediately drawn in past the moss covered opening and into a courtyard with tiny bokeh people I could just barely make out. There was also another layer to this photo that I loved the darkened doorway. Reminds me of a secret door that you just can't resist to find what's behind it. Thank you Gitte for sharing this image with us.

Lindsey | the modchik

Montacute House 2


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for featuring my photo. I have only recently found this blog and love looking at all the beautiful photographs!


Dorian Susan said...

Windows are fabulous. I like the image you submitted as well as the chosen-what a unique framing.

shirley said...

Wow, your photo is very interesting - classic windows, rich interior and that monster as a surprise!
I also love the round window - makes me want to explore the other side.

Anna said...

Hi Lindsey,
It is interesting how different areas of the country, and world - of course, have such different feels and flavors. Great framing tip and two wonderful examples! I really like how looking into a window, with it's bright interior, provides the value contrasts to make for eye catching photos.
Alchemy of Art

Kat Sloma said...

I love your monster in the window Lindsey! And I was drawn to Gitte's photo too - a great composition and DOF for an interesting photo.

seabluelee said...

Your photo was fascinating and hilarious. The classical window, elegant chandelier...and grinning orange creature right in the center! Gitte's photo is intriguing, too - that ancient, lichen-bedecked iron, framing that out of focus building with its mysterious dark entry. I'd like to explore both of these places!

Kirstin said...

Oh yes, Holly. Such gorgeous framing! And I adore that monster!

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

I too can't keep away from looking in, through, and out of windows! So many possibilities. I love how these two go together, with such different subject matters, but have the same vibe!

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