Thursday, January 5, 2012

fresh prints

I have packed away everything that symbolizes the end of the year. Gone are the red and green and strings of glowing lights. I want every last shred of 2011 packed away in those boxes, I don't want a repeat of that year again. I would prefer a fresh start. 

At the end of each year I have my own ritual of writing down the things I need to say goodbye to and tossing them into the flames. The next morning on New Years day I write the list of things I welcome in the coming month. I clutched those scraps of paper with words like health, clarity and resolve scribbled on them and headed to the beach. As I walked along the shore in conversation with the sea I  looked down at a fresh set of footprints, they looked to be about a child size 11, I know this because my daughter has tiny feet. I noticed the perfect sand compression and admired the strong arch. Five little toes all in a row. 

The footprint is no match for the tides and soon it will be erased and replaced.

In 2012 let's all begin a new year with a sense of exploration and wonderment with the hope that tomorrow will bring you one step closer to your dreams. 

I love the tracks that tmosnaps captured by the sea in the photo chosen today. The footprints trails off into the ocean, like a beautiful sunset, a sea full of possibilities or "a journey to somewhere" as tmosnaps said.

Lindsey | the modchik

solo by tmosnaps


Lissa @ lafcustomdesigns said...

ooooooh, I LOVE your list-making ideas. I think I must contemplate that. Thanks so much for the inspiration! ;->

Jessica said...

Beautiful! Lovely photo, Tracey, and congrats!

MG Atwood said...

Lovely post. Hoping your somewhere, is where you want to be.

Stephanie said...

I love the ritual of burning the things you want to say goodbye to for good. I may start that this year.

Dorian Susan said...

Love these prints on the beach.

Deborah L. Tisch said...

I, too, am impressed by your list ritual. And that second image is breath taking.

Kirstin said...

This is such a glorious mental image for the new year! Thank you.

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