Friday, January 6, 2012

mosaic muse {fresh}

Fresh, we have seen fresh fruit, a carton of fresh eggs laid by urban chickens, the freshness of the color white... a simple chair, a fresh blanket of snow. ...Yellow, how could we forget the fresh smell of citrus?!  All such beautiful reminders to me, that the lens can capture, many takes on the word fresh. Have a look- see, at the photos I fell in love with, throughout our flickr pool. 

1. Just Two, 2. morning peace gratitude, 3. Chair, 4. With silence, 5. A few quiet moments to myself {30 Days of Gratitude}, 6. "life", 7. day 20: grateful for filling up another journal with struggles, dreams, and messages to the Universe #30daysofgratitude #morningpages, 8. when life gives you oranges..., 9. eggsciting, 10. yellow rose., 11. today I´m thankful for lemon juice, 12. #22 of 30, 13. The Help, 14. Grateful for walks on the beach..., 15. Fox on Sox, 16. apples in the bedroom

Fresh! Now it's your turn to show us your interpretation. Please share with us your favorite photos of fresh, by using the linky box below. The tool will be open until Sunday evening. Grab a mosaic button for your blog, when you link up. I can't wait to see what photos you choose.

Have fun,
christina {soul aperture}

Mosaic Muse


Christian said...

Beautiful Mosiac!! I've missed them! Thank you for including me.

Anna said...

Hello Christina,
What a beautiful mosaic!!! I have enjoyed everyone's inspiring takes on the fresh theme. My photo is about looking backward and forward - the cycle of making a fresh start that envelopes us each year. Love this time of year, as it is full of new plans and high hopes!
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Jan said...

Beautiful mosaic!
Warms me while it's freezing outside ;)

Christian said...

Beauiful mosiac!!!

Zena said...

Wonderful mosaic, so inspiring. Thanks for featuring one of my photos.

Zena said...

Wonderful mosaic, so inspiring. Thanks for featuring one of my photos.

Donna said...

so very fresh and crisp, i love all the white in this mosiac

Kirstin said...

Christina, I have loved this theme more than you can know. And your mosaic is just fabulous! Thank you.

Oliag said...

I am afraid I haven't been visiting Flickr or MM lately and missed your message that you used one of my photos in the mosaic! Thank you so much Christina...I am honored:)

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