Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a fresh start

A fresh face. A clean start. Pushing out the old, and grasping the new. Choosing a fresh focus and embracing it. Don't you just love the start of a new year? For me, the idea of beginning over gets my heart singing with excitement. Somehow all the piles of papers sitting in my office, the endless, "to do" lists in my notebook and the countless errands I have yet to run just don't seem as heavy as they did the week before. Already, I've found myself cleaning out cabinets, clearing out closets and creating a giveaway pile for the Salvation Army up the street. And its not just a physical clearing that's going on here in Philly. A mental shift seems to be taking place inside of me too. I feel lighter, more hopeful, like that world of endless possibilities are at my fingertips for a change, and with a little intentional focus, I'll be caught up in no time. Isn't that a wonderful, fresh feeling to have? Alive and awake and just jumping at life!

After a year that was marked by at times painful growth riddled with anxiety and at others constant worry about what needs to get done, or what I should be doing, let me tell you, it feels like the weight of the world has finally left my shoulders. Instead, its back on the ground where its meant to be ready to laugh and play and enjoy the year ahead with a little silliness thrown into the mix. This is exactly what jumped out at me in Damiec's photo below. She wrote that this was "a favorite moment" with "probably a different spin on fresh than you were looking for?" Nope, it looks perfect to me! How about you? Does a fresh, clean start get you going too? Share with us your thoughts in comments so that we can relish in your "fresh" perspective too.

Happy New Year's!
Holly {Soupatraveler}


snap! by Damiec


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and inspiring words! Excited about the fresh start the new year brings.
Staci Lee

Dorian Susan said...

Just last week I cleaned out my closets too...a job I've been procrastinating. Definitely feels good. Didn't make that connection of the New Year like you did. Hope that pressure remains off your shoulders.

mamaowl said...

Great post, I still have lots of new year work to do!! Love your selfie Holly, and I love Deb's photo!!

Kirstin said...

This is such a wonderful post, Holly. I am so looking forward to seeing your 2012! It's going to rock!

Anna said...

Hi Holly,
I can relate to many of your same feelings! I, too, love the fresh start of a new year and all the possibilities ahead. Hope springs from those possibilities and clean closets help, also :)
Happy New Year!

debbie/damiec said...

I thought it was pretty thrilling to watch your 2011 unfold from the sidelines, Holly. But if you're feeling more powerful and more hopeful going into this year, then I'd better fasten my seatbelt!
I love this picture of you, and love that I saw it being taken through Audrey's eyes.
and thank you for choosing my saucy take on fresh. It's one of my top 10 favorite pictures of the year. said...

Your words are so inspiring, Holly. This is going to be an awesome year!

leighlovedesign said...

I always love reading your posts Holly!

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