Tuesday, November 22, 2011

seasons of warmth

autumn sun

"I am rich today with autumn's gold,
all that my covetous hands can hold."
~Gladys Harp

When I first sat down to write about warmth, my thoughts immediately went to balmy spring mornings and long, lazy summer days. For a brief moment, I mourned the passing of these seasons as my mind moved toward the inevitable cold winter season that is knocking on my door.

But then I stopped, and looked around me. Although the days are growing shorter and darkness sets in a bit earlier each night, the colors that surround me are rich and golden. Everywhere I look...glorious red, yellow, orange, green and brown tones dance in the air and warm me through and through.

I know that summer is fleeting and winter is fast approaching but today, autumn, we take a moment to celebrate you.  I love Sara bug's photo below--she's got the right idea in giving you a big hug.

~christy {urban muser}


treehuggin' by sara bug


Becs said...

Beautiful autumn warmth in both of these. Love the use of light and colour. Gorgeous.

gina said...

The fall is especially beautiful here this year -- the trees are full of vibrant colors,autumn's gold indeed! Lovely images!

Kat Sloma said...

I love the joy of nature captured in both of these! Fabulous Christy!

Anna said...

I see that you saved the best capture of your shoot for this MM post. And, oh my, what a stunning piece!!! One of your best - ranks up with the red prom/party dress hanging from the fire escape! Beautiful weaving of words, also.
Loving the warm in both these shots, as we are settled into gray, colorless, and cold weather here!

Kimberly June said...

Both images are full of warm colors and feelings.

Christian said...

Love those photos and your post!! SO lovely.

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

wonderful pairing christy! and you're right...we are surrounded by warmth in spirit right now if now temperatures up here in the NE!

Christina said...

amazing captures with these photos!

Kirstin said...

These are both such joyful pictures Christy! Love it!

Anika said...

Warm and happy-perfect for the season!

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