Wednesday, November 23, 2011

yearning for warm

headlands sunset

The rain is currently pounding the roof just above my head, and a steady drip drip drip from the chimney to the metal flashing below could easily become a form of monotonous torture if I didn't have a glass of wine close at hand.  The chilly wet of winter in Northern California, just barely beginning, makes me yearn for a warm patch of sun on the hardwood where I could curl up like a cat.  When the skies briefly clear, I hustle my family out of our shady valley to soak in the last warm rays at the coast before the sun dips behind the horizon early.  Too early.

It's cozy inside with the fire but the nape of my neck pines for warm sun.

Ike06~ grabbed this slice of delicious late afternoon sun in North Dakota - it reminds me of an African savanna.  I wonder if she uses this photo as a background on her phone or computer during long, frosty winters to remind her what it feels like to be warm?

kim (mosey) of mosey along

late afternoon

late afternoon by Ike06~


Kirstin said...

Kim, I love the warmth from these pictures. And your words, as ever, are wonderful. Thank you for musing with us today. x

Gilly said...

Love both these photos, and I yearn for sun on the back of my neck too.....

Scottish Lass said...

Love these. Let's discuss further over cocktails, poolside in Hawaii.

urban muser said...

kim, so happy to see you back here for a visit! love your post. your words warmed my soul :)

maureen said...

Those of us that hate the cold have ways of remembering the warmth. I try to spend as much time as possible outside in the summer, where there is no such thing as too hot. These photos both remind me of warm summer evenings. I can close my eyes and hear the night sounds beginning.

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