Monday, October 17, 2011

and the next theme is...LIGHT FANTASTIC

It surrounds us daily, and for most of us, it will determine when we awaken or when we go to sleep. Many of our jobs depend upon it, and for photographers, it will determine exactly how we craft our work. I'm talking about light. But not just any light, the kind of light that makes you grab your camera and start snapping away. We're talking about Light Fantastic, that soul-seeking, heart-stopping inspirational light that can make us gasp in wonder or sigh with delight.


bateman's by kirstin mckee

Twice a year on the lead up to the solstice something magical occurs. whether your waxing or waning ,the light begins to shift and change presenting some wonderful opportunities. In the Northern hemisphere, the autumn light takes on a warm glow coating everything in a rich warm hue. The Magic Hour during this time of year takes on a whole new meaning.

autumn glow by holly {soupatraveler}

Sometimes, it is how the light catches your subject that will cause your heart to beat faster. Light refractions in water can create some incredible shadows, reflections and delicious bokeh.

Water droplets

water droplets by boney muggle

Where we place the light in our front, behind, to the side...stylistically will change everything about the story we're presenting. Do we highlight just one section of our subject, or do we throw it in the dark by shooting it as a silhouette. We don't even have to use natural light to achieve something spectacular.


safe by lindsey (modchik)

We can also take a more subtle approach when using light maintaining the same drama as Lindsey's shot above while touching an emotional chorde like Christina's shot below which can connect many of us to our own memories of catching lightening bugs on a warm, summer evening.

summers night light

summers night light by christina {soul aperture}

For the next ten days, go out there and seek your own Light Fantastic. Show us what that means to you. Maybe you'll capture a sunset or a sunrise or be surprised by a hint unexpected sunflare stealing into your shot? Or perhaps you'll seek other types of light sources as your inspiration? Whatever you do, be sure to share your images with us in our Mortal Muses Theme group on flickr. I look forward to seeing what Light Fantastic means to you!


Ashley Sisk said...

I can't wait - what a fabulous theme!

Anna said...

This will be a beautiful theme with so many possibilities, as all these images suggest!

Christian said...

Beautiful, beautiful light in every one of these!

urban muser said...

all of these photos are so gorgeous--you are really throwing the challenge out there to top them :) beautiful post holly.

pictress said...


Oliag said...

Beautiful examples! Always so much inspiration here that I don't know where to start:)

Kirstin said...

Oh yes! I am obsessed with the light, as well you know! Can't wait!

Amber said...

Just seeing these photos help me relax. Light is a good thing!!

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