Friday, October 14, 2011

mosaic muse {blurred}

There was a time in my photography journey in which I wanted nothing more than a perfectly focused shot. Oh how things have changed. After looking through our flickr pool, I am completely inspired to capture life in action; whether it be dancing in the bedroom, swinging to the sky, running through a breeze or just adjusting my focus ring. Your images have proven that a blurred shot is full of artistic potential - they let us remember those everyday moments just as they happened.

Mosaic Muse: Blurred

Please share your favorite blurred shots with us by using the linky tool below. The tool will be open until Sunday evening. And please feel free to use the mosaic muse button on your blogs as you link up.

Mosaic Muse


Anna said...

Good Morning Ashley,
What a beautiful mosaic you put together! Love the glimpses of life in motion! This has been a fun theme. I'm actually working on a personal project of soft images. They are an interesting contrast to my usual captures that contain selective sharp focus.
Happy day to you,

Melissa said...

I love these!

Amy Nabors (@amykiane) said...

Just discovered your site through another blog. Love the images you put together.

Anika said...

pretty collection!

Christina said...

such a lovely group of photos!

Emily said...

Wow! I love your mosaic! What a beautiful, brilliant blur!

urban muser said...

awesome collection ashley. it's a blur of beauty!

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