Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my sanctuary

Instead of planning vacations I string up lights. Instead of wishing I was on an airplane I wish upon the stars. I wish for more time in my favorite room of the house, the backyard.

Living in Southern California has its perks one of them being mild weather. What we lack in seasons we make up for in balmy temperatures. We can eat dinner outside well into November with nothing more than a light cardigan, I can't complain. I spend many evenings gathered under the umbrella enjoying a glass of wine with my camera. I take photos of the wine then the candles then the candles reflecting IN the wine, its all good.

On this particular day we had just finished dinner and the rest of the family scattered. The sun had been down for maybe an hour and there was a beautiful ceiling of indigo happening. If I could paint a room in the same colors I would.

The Mortal Muse Pool proved once again to be a wealth of inspiration when writing. I came across this beautiful image from naomiella I am a big sucker for flare. I love the relaxed feeling something I strive for but seems to elude me in my own home.

let the sun shine

let the sun shine by naomiella


Christina said...

i adore the light in both photos! gorgeous.

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful lighting in both shots.

sarah jean, said...

i wouldn't mind hopping into either photo. both such different home feels, both beautiful, relaxing and soul restorative.

Kirstin said...

I love the way you have contrasted these two homes...and I am secretly jealous of your November glass of wine!

Anika said...

lovely post and images.

Naomi said...

aww, thanks so much for the kind words! The top photo looks divine...the sky is gorgeous!

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