Thursday, September 15, 2011

the beauty of years

Black Hmong Woman

It was so wonderful to watch the flickr pool filled with all of your "faces" photos unfold. Image after image illustrating a range of human emotions--a perfect example of how a photograph can capture a story where words are not needed . I saw innocence, joy and wonder vividly jump off my computer screen as I flipped through page after page of your photos. From the fresh face of a newborn to the wisdom of years shown in our elders I was mesmerized by your ability to get up close and personal with your subjects whether they be family, friends, clients, or strangers on the street.

~Mimo~'s photo below so beautifully captures a moment in time with this man on the streets of Shanghai. I was immediately pulled in and wondered what his story is, and whether there is a tale he could tell for every line on his face. It reminded me of this photo I took in Vietnam several years ago. I was drawn to this woman as she worked diligently on her embroidery surrounded by young girls, all members of the Black Hmong group near SaPa. I thought then and I still think now that she is beautiful with years...each of her life experiences seemingly etched onto the canvas of her face.

~christy {urban muser}

Gerascophobia~ explore~ thank you!

gerascophobia~ explore~ thank you! by ~mimo~


Christina said...

this is just so very beautiful. photos filled with life. love love this!

Chelsea said...

Wow what stunning shots.

Oliag said...

I just love photos of elders' me they are beautiful and these photos are fantastic.

esra said...

Lovely post and beautiful photos.

Kirstin said...

What a wonderful way of looking at the faces. Beautiful.

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

Wow! There are years and years of character in those faces up there. I love images like this...that take me around the world in just a moment. Wonderful post...and i love the introduction to some other awesome face images too!

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