Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Repeating patterns in art and architecture are as intertwined as a vine growing along a trellis. Architects of the ages have filled the sweeping curves of arches and outlines of doorways with repeating elements of stone, paint, or even chips of glass. This Byzantine glass mosaic found in Ravenna, Italy holds no less than eight repeating patterns, by my count. How many can you see? Imagine the time it took to create this work of art and architecture.

The mosaics of Ravenna were born out of influences beyond Europe, echoes of other places. Kristina Mueller captured one of these places in her image of Ben Youssef Madrasa in Morocco.

These images are a reminder that you can start from one tiny thing - a piece of glass or ceramic or stone, or maybe even a word or gesture or gift - and build it into something larger and more beautiful by repeating the pattern over and over again.

Kat of The Kat Eye View of the World

IMG_5308 by kristina_mueller 


urban muser said...

a perfect pairing! so many things to look at.

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

oh kat, LOVE this!!!! I visited Ravenna when studied in Italy for a summer and you've reminded me of how gorgeous everything was. I love kristina's take too! both stunning works of art : )

fairchildstreet said...

spectacular. Charmaine

Kirstin said...

It's good to see that patterns have been around for a long time!

Kim @ Starry Sky Ranch said...

I love these!

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