Monday, April 11, 2011

fun and games

While growing up, Saturday evenings were "family night."  We would cook up a fun dinner like fried dough pizzas, shut off the television, and pull out a stack of board games.  Over the years, the games changed.  CandyLand and Chutes and Ladders gave way to Scrabble, Life, Uno, Boggle, my personal favorite, Clue and the dreaded Trivial Pursuit, as shown below in Carole's photo.  I am not sure if I ever beat my dad at this one.

I was recently discussing this family tradition with my mother.  She said it started as an inexpensive and educational way to spend time together but in my teenage years, it kept my friends and I near and out of trouble.  I remember a particularly silly game of Life where I landed on every available space to have twins, ended up with too many kids for the car, and had to leave them on the side of the road.  Hmmm... I am sure there is a Life lesson here.

My love of all games and puzzles still continues and I tease that maybe Clue was the reason I pursued a degree in Accounting with a minor in Criminal Justice. I guess I am still determined to catch Colonel Mustard doing something dastardly.

Do you have a family game night? What are your favorites?

I hope your week is filled with fun and games.

xo tammy lee of bliss and folly

Winners!  3/365-2011
Winners! 3/365-2011 by Carole-*


Kat Sloma said...

Lovely post Tammy! We would play games as a family on Saturday nights too, because we couldn't afford to go out. Sorry is the game I remember the most, and we play it now in our family too. Clue is a personal favorite too - but alas, in a family of three, not the most fun!

urban muser said...

i love your nostalgia here tammy. i was a big clue player back in the day. (i think it was miss scarlet with the candlestick in the ballroom!)

Anna said...

Our daughter loved to play Clue and still had us playing it in her high school years. She's off at college, but who knows.... summer is coming and I may have to dust off that game!

Ashley Sisk said...

Awesome reflection - I do love board games although I'm not sure I got quite the lessons you did. Great pairing my friend!

Jan said...

Fun. We like to play cards. We laugh and laugh. A great way to spend the evening.

Oliag said...

Love these photos and memories! Growing up I played Parcheesi and Monopoly with family and friends in long long marathons...Lately I am back to playing dominoes with my for young and old:)

Kirstin said...

These have such wonderful colours! We like to play ludo; it's a game we can all play.

SuperDewa said...

I love the idea of your catching Colonel Mustard doing something dastardly! We are a family of four, and two of us love games, while the other two don't -- a little frustrating.

Faith said...

Love this. We play Scrabble and Sorry!

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