Wednesday, April 13, 2011

inspired by nature.

This week I looked above and beyond for patterns. I shot a million pictures and yet, no one was hitting me. That feeling where you just know : this is it.
I went out, searching for inspiration in nature. As I walked through the city suburbs I came across a lot of fences but this one was the most beautiful one.
Thanks to the suburbs I created a pattern in my picture, which for me was quite hard to be honest.

The picture by Aimeelmk implements the most perfect combination of nature and patterns to me. She did a very good job on this weeks theme.
Thank you everyone who submitted a picture this week. I really love looking through all the goodness every week.

See you in 9 days,

Sunflowers at Sunset
Sunflowers at Sunset by Aimeelmk


Life with Kaishon said...

I love the beauty that is all around us : )

Kirstin said...

What wonderful patterns, Suki.

Becky Sue said...

Wonderful patterns and that sunflower shot is amazing! Would love to see that in person.

Holly { Soupatraveler } said...

i think sometimes we can be looking so hard for something, that we miss it right under our noses! great job! love them both and those sunflowers, sigh, gorgeousness!

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