Tuesday, March 22, 2011

around the house

I got an iphone 4 for my husband's birthday earlier this month :)  It has been a lot of fun playing with different apps and games, but I think it has been more fun for my 3 year old son!  I swear he already knows how to use it better than me.  One of his favorite activities is to take pictures. He takes at least 20+ pictures each day and it is fun to scroll through and see life through his lens.  My favorite is that 90% of the pictures are of his feet in different areas of the house (which I think muse mosey would enjoy), the others are of random objects and unflattering pictures of the rest of the family!  So today I am featuring pictures taken by my little muse.  And of course I love this picture taken by barefoot momma, this traffic jam scenario is a common occurrence around our house :)

I edited the photos with Diptic and Lo-mob, if you have any more suggestions for fun apps that all of us need to know about add it in the comments :)

Have a lovely day!
April of April Newman Photography

Traffic Jam
traffic jam by barefoot momma


Anna said...

Another muse in the making??? How fun for your son. Barefoot Momma captured a charming shoot. No toys to trip over here, but there has been lots of teen shoes the last few years :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What fun, a budding photographer!

Crafty Cat said...

We've named Mortal Muses for the Stylish blogger award. Enjoy.

me again said...

I believe barefoot momma used Instagram for her shot; it's one of my new fave apps. I also love Vintage Scene; it was used to create this.
(Here's the url in case my link didn't work:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/alphabetsoupstudio/5242870784/in/set-72157623659776100/ )
Also, I've lately returned to an old favourite that had gone off my radar for a bit, Pic Grunger. It's a fab app and I don't know why I haven't always used it :-)
It was used for this.
(Again, here's the url in case my link doesn't work:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/alphabetsoupstudio/5538169293/in/set-72157623659776100/ )

Hope that helps everyone's app collection grow!

Jamie said...

So, so sweet!

urban muser said...

april, love your son's photos...a mini iphoneographer in the making!

blue elephant photography said...

love the photos!

maureen said...

I bet it's like opening a treasure chest to look through photos on your phone at the end of the day. How fun.
And that is just the cutest photo of the traffic jam.

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