Monday, March 21, 2011


I love my iPhone's camera. Don't get me wrong, my grown-up camera is lovely too, but my iPhone comes everywhere with me. It lets me play around with images instantly and be creative. I like to think of it as my instant camera; there's always a new app, there's always a new effect to try. I often find myself telling strangers in the park or parents in the playground about whichever new camera app I have just discovered and I can always show them instantly. I had always meant to try one of these trick shots with a print. When I realised I could use my iPhone itself as the polaroid image, I was off! (For those of you who are interested I added a light leak in iDarkroom and then processed it in Lo-Mob for the polaroid effect).

Alphabet Soup Studio's picture made me smile. Even though she hadn't been able to get into the fair because it was closed, she had still managed to have fun with her iPhone.

Do you sometimes wish your real camera had features like HDR? Or rendered pictures like a polaroid? With added light leak effects? Do you feel guilty about using your iPhone instead of your proper camera?

kirstin of fleeting moments

central florida fair
central florida fair by alphabet soup studio


urban muser said...

love the title of you post and the photos! it's fabulous kirstin.

Anna said...

These are so creative! I'm jealous, no iFunography for me.... yet.

me again said...

Thanks so much for choosing my photo today! I've had my iPhone for about a year now and it's such a joy. I don't use it much as a phone though! :-)

Jamie said...

I am so ready for an iPhone!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Great shots!. Exactly why I love my iPhone... to capture the fun moments.

blue elephant photography said...

love the shots, makes me so wanna get an iphone!

maureen said...

I love that shot. And you make it look easy (no need to tell how many outtakes you have :)
I love the vintage-y processing on Alphabet Soup Studio's photo. So, that means I need the Lo-Mob app for that cool polaroid look? *sigh* off to the app store . . .

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