Wednesday, March 23, 2011

undercover camera

I really enjoyed seeing all your mobile photography images in the flickr pool and reading my fellow muses' posts over the past eight days.  I think it's unanimous--everyone loves the convenience and portability of a camera phone! (well, maybe not everyone, but close...)

I have been working on my ability to use my iPhone for my street photography shots.  It definitely has its advantages--the two biggest ones being that is it completely silent (if you remember to turn the sound off!) and it is less intimidating to the people you are trying to photograph.  In fact, most times, they probably think you are just shooting off a quick text message.

For my photo above, I spotted this "taxi background" in the window of a building on 8th Avenue and I just loved it.  I figured it would make a visually interesting back drop for a photo so I parked myself on the corner and waited for someone to walk by.  I am not sure if I like it better in color or black & white, so I made a diptych out of the two photos when I was on the subway on my way to work Monday morning.  My edits were made with the camera+, PS express and diptic apps.

Shelle777's photo below is a fantastic street shot.  I love how she used her camera phone (I think it's a blackberry) to capture this couple walking beneath the scaffolding in Times Square.  The bright lights provide a mysterious and dream-like quality to the photo...a moment that may have been missed if not for her quick action with her mobile phone!

~christy of urban muser

its all a blur...
                                                                                                                its all a shelle777


Kirstin said...

These are both wonderful shots. I love that you just waited for people to walk past.

Jamie said...

Gorgeous -both of them

Anna said...

Indeed, mobile photography seems to be opening up a whole new world with it's immediate and intimate captures. Love them!

maureen said...

great images, I can't decide if I like the color or b/w either. :) And Shelle777's photo does have an amazing dreamlike quality, her timing was perfect for that shot.
How fun this theme has been!

Anika said...

Christy those are awesome!! What a great diptych. Totally love these.

Tammy Lee said...

I love how street photography tells a story and captures the hustle of living in an urban area. As a suburbanite, it is very foreign to me. Thank you for sharing.

Kat Sloma said...

The pairing of the color and black and white are perfect! I love shelle777's camera phone work, this one is no exception!

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