Friday, November 5, 2010

night bokeh

I will admit, other than special occasions like Fourth of July fireworks or carnival rides, I have not been in the habit of taking my camera out after dark. As a matter of fact, I have had in my head, if I don't get out with my camera in the morning, I'm not going to get to shoot for the day. To explain, I work an evening shift, and I get out of work each night at 9pm and for most of the year that's well past the blue hour.

My first attempt at a night shoot, was in downtown St. Louis after I finished at work. There is a fabulous area, the City Garden that's a few blocks long, multi-level and full of large sculpture, fountains and lights. I had a great time walking around paying attention to the light and the reflections, and took quite a few photos.

I discovered how different things look at night, discovering details that would be lost in the day light. That trip opened my eyes to the possibilities of looking for the light, at night. The next night I walked around my neighborhood exploring with my camera, trying different settings just to see what happened. That's when I took this photo of a string of lights.

I've had so much fun out at night, seeing this special light in a new way. I now know I don't have to put my camera away at the end of the day. If you have had that same thought, that after the sun disappears, your done, I hope you will give night shooting a try. There is a special beauty to be found after dark.

Orange glow by pinkfairy1982 reminds me of the feeling I had being out after dark, on the quiet streets alone with my camera.

♥ maureen of Cottage 960

Orange Glow
                                                                                       orange glow by pinkfairy1982


And Miles To Go... said...

I love both photos very much. The second photo invokes the same mood that I also have while walking down a lonely street at night.

Anika said...

These are both so very pretty. There is a great mood in that second one, very quiet...

Stephanie said...

Lovely musing....make me long for night so I can head out! This makes me feel better about the end of daylight savings time :) I love your string of lights and that second image is very clever!

michel said...

pretty soon we won't see those old lightbulbs anymore. this will be an old vintage shot! I love the creepiness of lurking around in the dark. I wish I could be in st. louis to watch your back though.

Kirstin Mckee said...

I've had a lot of fun in the night with my camera too, on those quiet streets. Beautiful evocative pictures.

Holly { Soupatraveler } said...

fabulous! i haven't taken too many night pictures but these posts have been very inspiring to me, thanks!

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