Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in night motion

I enjoy night photography. Long before I had a DSLR I tried to use my point and shoot to achieve these long exposures - to no avail. I would toss my camera up in the air or try the "spastic move" jerking your hands quickly while you press the shutter release - nothing could capture what I saw in my head. Now years later with tripod in hand I venture out quite frequently to capture the long dancing lines of light from cars headlights and tail lights.

I pine over the image shot by deannamaire, she captured this scene perfectly. I just love it.

later mus-a-rators

Tis a busy world we live in..
Tis a busy world we live in.. by deannamaire


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I could stare at these all day. Love the motion in both but wondering how you did not get run over by a car. :)

Terry's Girl said...

what patients you have Michel....to our benefit for sure!

Love the skater shot! I would like to try that one...awesome!

Jill said...

I was just thinking two days ago about night photography and how much easier it is now. I haven't shot anything in quite awhile. Your photos are very nice. Especially the skating. The city lends well to this project but I'm from the rural area and I think it could too. I'm pretty excited to go out now and shoot the dark. Thanks for the inspiration!

Oliag said...

Even if I get too busy to comment I want you to know how much I am enjoying this site! The pairing of photos are delightful...I love both of these shots...nighttime photos are so difficult!

Aimee said...

I keep staring at that one guy standing still in the ocean of skaters. The motion draws attention to the stillness. Interesting.

Jamie said...

I'm dying to give night shooting a try - amazing!

maureen said...

two perfect motion shots.
I love how you captured motion and love that you did it in B&W. I'm beginning to become more interested in night shots, will have to look for an opportunity to try this.
and the skaters? how very cool is that shot. Love love love the motion in it.

♥ maureen

Expressions By Christine said...

Both wonderful images. The second one reminds me of a Nat Geo image. :o)

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