Monday, October 11, 2010

freezing motion

I have really enjoyed looking at all your motion pictures and techniques used to create them.  This may be a cop out but I really love the look of motion frozen in time and the anticipation of what will happen next.  So crank up your shutter speed and capture some frozen moments!

I really love the picture by A bunch of beans, the motion, mud and well baby toes :)

(Also it seems I haven't gotten over the fact that summer has left me...)

Have a lovely, happy day!

April :)

Mud wave
Mud wave by A bunch of beans


urban muser said...

great shots! i love those dirty baby feet :)

Jamie said...

Those baby toes are adorable!

Suki said...

beautiful motion shots. I really love your frozen water! Looks stunning.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Loving the water bokeh.

AmyBean said...

Hey, those are my babies' muddy toes! That was a fun day. :) Thanks for choosing it for the blog! I love your waterskiing shot -- that water is stunning. Really beautiful.

mosey said...

You couldn't have matched two better photos. Both beautiful in different ways... (oh those toes...)

Shona Cole said...

that bottom photo makes me think of charlie and the chocolate factory, if only that were chocolate! these are both amazing captures.

Expressions By Christine said...

Two fun water shots! Love em both! :o)

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