Tuesday, October 12, 2010

and the next theme is ... inspire us

So we have to admit that this theme may seem like a bit of a cheat.  It's kind of a non-theme, with no real rules. For the next challenge, we ask you to submit one of your best photos -- one that means something special to you, and that will strike a special chord with us as well.

We ask that you INSPIRE US with your unique vision.  Then, please take a moment and add a few words in the description field and talk about what inspired you to take the photo, or what inspires you as a photographer.  Each muse will choose a photo inspiration that really resonates with them.  We'll include your photo AND your words along with our own.

So, I guess there is one rule after all -- you need to post a photo AND a few words.  Eloquence is not required.  Just speak to us from the heart.

Tomorrow, Tammy will start our 9 days of musing on FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.  Your photos for this theme have been absolutely scrumptious.  Join us for all the deliciousness!


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