Wednesday, September 1, 2010

rest and healing

which apple?

There [is] rest and healing in the contemplation of antiquities. - Mark Twain

Exactly how I felt this week as I perused the pool of antique themed photos.

I don't own many antiques myself - some beautiful old tea cups from my grandmothers, and a handmade children's rocking chair crafted by my great-grandfather.  However, my overriding impulse when contemplating the antique theme was to evoke a feeling as opposed to staging a particular object.  When I snatched this moment at a country farm stall as my daughter deliberated over the perfect apple, it felt like a place out of time.  Although the sun was shining brightly, the scene took on a sepia tone before my eyes.  That wood containing the apples has some stories to tell.

The photo by drdesigns of her grandmother's attic evoked that same feeling in me.  It also created such a sense of nostalgia.  My own grandparent's attic was a magical place too, where my sister and I crept around to avoid falling through the rafters, finding treasures from another era.  I want to be there right now with my sister, playing with the old dollhouse and thumbing through National Geographics from years ago, waiting to be called down the rickety attic steps for Sunday dinner.

Nostalgia for the past can be bittersweet, but I'm content here in the present, remembering.


August 6, 2010
Uploaded by drdesigns on 8 Aug 10, 11.07AM PDT. 


blue elephant photography said...

love your post kim ♥ i just had a flashback of me and my brother reading national geographic magazines too on my grandpa's wooden bedroom floor. we'd sit all afternoon flipping lying down while reading, then sitting, then lying on our bellies, then on our sides...such fun memories.

circulating said...

we would sneak off to grandmother's attic AFTER Sunday dinner to avoid having to help wash dishes... and always got in trouble for doing so...

lovely, lovely post and photographs... thanks for the memories... :)

maureen said...

beautiful photos, both of them, the lighting is wonderful, and they do evoke a feeling of nostalgia
love them

Kirstin Mckee said...

Such wonderful images, such lovely words, such a perfect pair.

Kat said...

I love both photos. The light and composition of drdesigns photo is breathtaking, what a find!

Denise said...

i love them both!!!! oh that second one......makes me remember my grandmas attic......thanks!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

A wonderul take on the prompt. Such beautiful photos and thoughts. The attic photo reminds me of my Great-Grandparents home in Maine. Their house started out as a church and the attic is full of wonderful old religious artifacts.

lucy said...

you brought tears to my eyes this morning as i remembered my childhood time in my grandparents attics with my sisters, too. i want to go back!

one of our best finds was a a stash of antique cameras, and we'd play dress-up and then model and strike poses for each other.

both of your photos are exquisite. thanks for taking me back to a very sweet time in my life.

Lianne said...

Love both photos - as I am the sister in Kim's tale, the attic shot brings back the same memories of we loved to pull down the stairs from the hallway ceiling and see all that mystery waiting for us above.

Mosey's golden toned photo of apples and child is especially lovely. Great work!

chasity said...

how well i could relate to this little story~
instead of an was my grandma's barn.
i can almost smell it now just thinking about it.

there were so many treasures waiting to be discovered.

isn't that still true today?

lovely post.

the photo in the attic is breathtaking.


gibknitty said...

what a beautifully written post. i love the memories these photos evoked for you.

Naomi said...

Beautiful post, beautiful photos--love it!

The Kenney Family said...

Oh, what I would give to be able to go spend time in my aunt's attic again. I did it when I was little. It smelled funny and was mysterious- I loved it

Doris said...

Thanks for featuring my attic photo! What a wonderful surprise to log in to read your post today and see my photo.

Oh gosh, we spent many, many hours in Grandma's attic looking for treasures. We always found something.

I also love the first photo. The light and color tones are beautiful!

April said...

Both are absolutely lovely!

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous post (and photos.) I've loved this assignment mostly because it is impossible to look at the photos without feeling that "something"

Annje said...

I love the feel and color and texture of both photos. I remember you saying once that you are better at manipulating the visual rather than words... but I'd have to disagree--you certainly have a way with words. I love the text here as much as the photos.

Jill said...

Oh my, I love this photo.

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