Tuesday, August 31, 2010

rusty and old

This is my first post in two languages to keep international guests here on Mortal Muses updated as well.  :)

I really love old things and we have a lot of old building in our city. But yet I struggled with the theme this week. I clearly had no idea what to shoot until today when I went out with a friend for a walk and we passed by this fence.
I really love the rustyness. I speaks volumes to me. It is worn out by the weather and used by people.
That's what makes it antique to me.
My featured picture captured by .. Looking Glass speaks volumes to me too. It leaves me with the feeling of being old, forgotten and maybe a little lost. I really love the selective focus and the dark tones. It makes me wonder who left the keys there. 

Ich liebe alte Dinge. Wir haben sehr viele alte Gebaeude in unserer Stadt und das mag ich sehr. 
Fuer dieses Thema habe ich allerdings etwas Zeit gebraucht um das Motiv zu finden, das zu mir und dem Gefuehl von Antiquitaet passt. Dieses alte Tor habe ich heute gefunden, als ich mit einer sehr guten Freundin unterwegs war. 
Ich liebe das Rostige. Es spricht Baende. Es ist abgenutzt vom Wetter und von Menschen benutzt. Das macht es fuer mich antik und wunderschoen.
Mein gewaehltes Bild fuer heute ist einfach, wow. Es gibt mir das Gefuehl vom aelter werden, Dinge zurueck lassen und vielleicht auch vergessen zu werden. Ich mag den Focus sehr hier und die dunklen Toene. 
Es laesst mich mit dem Gedanken im Kopf zurueck wer wohl diese Schluessel zurueck gelassen hat...

Uploaded by Looking Glass on August 19, 2010 at 4.39pm BST.

What feelings do you intertwine with antique things? Let me know in the comments section.
Keep shooting. See you for the next theme :)

Welche Gefuehle verbindest du mit antiken Dingen? Hinterlass mir eine Nachricht.
Bis zum naechsten Thema :)
Love, Suki


blue elephant photography said...

wow i love the bilingual post even if i can't speak german =) i just think it's so cool! i love your post, and i love the tones on both photos. when i see or use antique things, i feel the same - the feeling of being old and actually on some a little eerie.

Kirstin Mckee said...

These are wonderful pictures, Suki!

lucy said...

i spotted the photo of the keys in the MM pool and loved it too. i like to think they're keys to something interesting, like a hidden room or a secret garden. and your rusty fence, suki, has the same lovely intrigue -- what's behind it, and what are they locking in (or out)? great bilingual post!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wonderful Post and Pictures Suki. Thrilled to have you posting in German too. We get more of a feel of your personality and culture. LOVE LOVE.

gibknitty said...

great post and photos. i pretended that i could read german.

Christina said...

hello, my friend.
these keys took me to another time. they're beautiful. i guess that's one of the reasons, i love antiques so very much.
: )
so glad to be here.

mosey said...

Not only do I love both these images - they pair beautifully - but I loved digging out my rusty old German from high school and reading your post aloud, Suki.

Jamie said...

Beautiful photos! I love the feeling of history and being a part of something larger when photographing and connecting with antiques.

PinkInklings said...

Photos of things like these always get me thinking about the stories they could tell...I open my mail with a letter opener that's probably circa late 1800's. How many love letters, good news, bills, presents has it opened? How many doors did those keys open?

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