Monday, August 30, 2010

bright and shiny memories

I am just entering my antique journey. I have always loved them but it was never the right time in our lives to have them in our house. Our kids were little and they liked to break things, we moved a lot, we did not have any money.. .but we are entering a stage in our lives that our kids are older now and we are settled in one place... money will always be an issue.. lol... but now I feel like we can do a little more antique shopping. I like things that are functional, yet meaningful. That's why this woodpecker toothpick dispenser means a lot to me. This woodpecker belonged to my husband's grandparents. He said it was the one thing he remembers most about objects in their house. When he looks at it, he is reminded of the times he spent at his grandparents home (which was a lot). He said he would play with it often...pushing the little woodpecker head down so that he would pick up a toothpick and deliver it to his little waiting hands. I adore that he has this memory in our house and I love that I can picture my husband as a little boy and imagine his little boy fingers gently bobbing the head of this woodpecker up and down.

I love the look of all antiques, but I am drawn to the brightly colored ones..the fire engine reds, the vibrant sunny yellows, the turquoise that pops. I think that is what drew me to Rain City Girl's radio. I love the bright red of the radio along with the turquoise in the background. I really enjoyed going through her photos...lots of interesting photos of objects I would have never thought to take photos of.

Shanghai Clock
Uploaded by Rain City Girl on 28 Aug 10, 4.54PM EDT.

What special antiques around your house hold good memories for you?



RainCityGirl said...

Thank you Stephanie! I am honored to be paired with your lovely photo and words.

gibknitty said...

i love the story about the woodpecker toothpick dispenser. great photos!

April said...

Great photos and stories to go along :)

Kirstin Mckee said...

Lovely pairings.

Jamie said...

I love the stories that often go with antiques - there is something about owning something that has been in your family for generations and knowing the stories that go along with them

blue elephant photography said...

love both post and the photos. that woodpecker toothpick dispenser is awesome and useful! and love the bright featured photo if the clock =)old records always bring back good ole memories to me and my husband =)

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