Thursday, September 2, 2010

like a moth to a flame

I think I must have lived a previous life in an earlier time if my attraction to all-things-old is any indication.  Antiques and hand-me-downs; old houses and abandoned buildings ; barns, attics and basements.  I love them all.  I'm drawn like a moth to a flame.

I come from a family that honors such things and has passed down an appreciation of the past.  So in addition to living in a house surrounded by family heirlooms (or as my kids' friends say, "old stuff"), I also love to seek out local museums and historical societies. My photo, above, is of the butterfly and moth collection at the Barnstable Historical Society -- these lovely specimens were collected and preserved nearly 100 years ago, and were a teaching tool and cabinet of curiosity for Victorian era amateur naturalists.

But so much better than butterflies-under-glass are butterflies that fly right off a page typed on the fantastic antique typewriter pictured below.  I'm drawn to the beautiful light and inspired tones captured by Magpie's Fancy.  I'm transported back to my college days when, rather than using my roommate's snazzy new IBM Selectric (all the rage back in 1979),  I typed my 100-page thesis on my grandfather's ancient Smith Corona that looked just like this.  A labor of love.

You can see more of Magpie's Fancy's work (and read her words) by visiting her blog.

Words that Fly
Uploaded by Magpie's Fancy on 11 Feb 10, 9.56PM EDT.
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blue elephant photography said...

this is beautiful! old but beautiful ♥

Kirstin Mckee said...

Oh I love these butterflies, Lucy!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wonderful combination of photos, Lucy! Just lovely.

Gigi said...

Thanks so much for including my typewriter and butterflies photo in your beautiful post, Lucy! I, too, come from a family that honors the past. My mother is an antiques dealer (her parents were before her) and my brother is an antiques dealer and auctioneer. We were raised visiting flea markets and old barns. I can't imagine a life without beautiful old treasures and collections.

Oh, and I LOVE that you typed your thesis on a vintage typewriter! A labor of love, indeed. xoxo Gigi (The Magpie's Fancy)

mosey said...

I remember my grandmother poo-pooing the newfangled Selectric typewriter I learned on - she introduced me to an old Smith Corona and I loved the *clunk* of the keys.

Great photos both, and I love how you described your family's appreciation of items/times past.

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

So gorgeous! Each one!!!

maureen said...

I love these shots, just beautiful. And I agree, I love being a caretaker for the things handed down to me.

Jamie said...

lovely photos of gorgeous subjects

Enchanticals said...

This typewriter with the butterflies is an exceptionally beautiful photograph. It is enchanting and magical and the use of b&w with color is brilliant.

Mikey said...

Great photos.

Thanks alot!

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