Thursday, May 10, 2012

what can black and white do for you?

Spring in black and white? Seriously? This was quite the challenge for me! How about you? Spring is all ABOUT color, isn't it? But the more I got to thinking about it, the more tangible it became, because spring is also about the lengthening of the sun's presence on our days, making it all about light. With that, my task became immensely easier to approach. And when you are able to focus on and see the light as you compose your shot, it generally does make photography immensely easier to approach. My subject often transcends the object itself and just becomes the light, which in the end makes for more interesting and sometimes technically better composition. Looking to the light for guidance, it simplifies the task at hand, as black and white itself also does, simplifying the number of elements to compose in the shot. I envision a really cool comparison study of how composition might change in the same shot when viewed in color verses black and white. Certainly I know that when shooting in black and white, my choice of subject has to change from the pretty, colorful scenes to those with interesting lines and elements. Ok, enough photography dorking from me today! But do you know what I mean? I'm pretty sure mayte_pons gets it, judging from her photo below. what I was grateful that this theme helped me simplify and get back to basics again. We all need a reminder of that now and then!

spring in black and white by mayte_pons

Happy Snapping! ~Cara of

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