Wednesday, May 9, 2012

anything is possible

Spring is a season of renewals, rebirths and new beginnings. I love the sense of infinite possibilities in spring as we look ahead to the summer. Watching the buds and new leaves emerging slowly day by day, I never quite know how they will turn out until they choose to unveil themselves fully. With my only-half-green thumb, it's always a mystery whether my plants will return year after year. I find myself holding my breath, waiting and watching for the healthy bloom or new growth. And in those moments, before the plants are themselves beautiful, I believe that the beauty lies in the promise of them, of what they will become.

On a recent trip to Florida I was struck by the beckoning of the southern sun and the expanse of these flatlands. With puffy clouds high above and sparkling blue below, the land seemed to be offering to take me anywhere I wanted to go, echoing spring's wealth of possibilities. By removing the color and not including any identifying characteristics, I've given this image an anonymous, anywhere sort of quality.

As for the story behind this companion image from Red Kiwi Photography, the possibilities are endless. The vignette lends a slightly voyeuristic quality that encourages the imagination. I feel as though I could look on this image for ages crafting stories and intricate tales set here. Where is this little courtyard garden? What encounters - past or present, naughty or nice - will be happening here?

So with spring upon us, I ask of you: what stories will you craft and what tales will you weave with that camera of yours? The possibilities? They are endless.

Mae from Here in This House

To One in Paradise
To One in Paradise by Red Kiwi Photography

Thank you Mae for guest musing with us today. If you'd like to know more about Mae, be sure to visit her at Here in This House or on her flickr stream. If you are interested in a future guest muse role, please email us at mortalmuses9 [at] gmail [dot] com.


urban muser said...

mae, you've got me thinking here. both of these images have such a timeless quality to them. beautiful post, thanks for musing with us here today!

Meghan @ Life Refocused said...

Love your image and Red Kiwi's, Mae! I love that both are timeless, and of course, I dig that they both are film-like! Thanks for guest posting with us today. xoxo

Holly ~ Soupatraveler said...

i love how both of these shots just bring me to the center and stretch out beyond infinity...gorgeous pairing!

Cara said...

such inspiration to be found in this post. thank you mae!

Kirstin said...

Oh Mae, those long expanses of nothingness are so perfectly framed here. Thank you so much for musing with us. x

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