Monday, April 23, 2012

senses of a morning

My morning coffee wakes each sense within me. It begins when my husband begins the coffee making process...the scent drifts up the stairs, as I take my time easing out of bed, and easing into the day. I get up earlier than the kids, so I can have a bit of quiet time to myself, before we begin school. I enjoy {slowly} taking my time, as I put my scattered thoughts together... running my finger tips over my calendar, glancing through some glossies and the newspaper, tasting the depth of the coffee beans, listening for the teens to begin stirring. 

I saw Kuki's photo of crepes filled with whipped cream and chocolate. It's so beautiful, so delicious looking. I immediately wanted to pick a weekend to make them. Pairing the comfort food of crepes, with a dark, french roast for my family to enjoy, as a lazy weekend breakfast. I love mornings.

Christina {soul aperture}

crepes and cream

crepes and cream by kuki


urban muser said...

beautiful christina! i love the tones of these photos, they go so well together.

Cathi said...

Beautiful words and images, Christina. Can I come over when you make the crepes? :) I went to a little french cafe last weekend and had a nutella and banana crepe, a cappuccino and sitting with my thoughts - it was delightful! xxoo

Meghan @ Life Refocused said...

Love, love, love this photo!

Kari Desi said...

Gorgeous photos. I can smell and taste the tones in those pictures! mmmmm.

Holly ~ Soupatraveler said...

beautiful pairing christina...i'm in love with both photos and your idea for a weekend morning!

Kirstin said...

Christina, I adore this post!

kuki / ewa said...

oh my, what a calming post, thanks for showing my shot here, christina, appreciate it. and they both go so well together. yummy !!

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