Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the music room

My father-in-law is a violinist. He shares his music with large audiences, on the radio, in church, with pupils and friends, in small groups and big ones. But I love it the most when he practises in his music room, surrounded by his instruments, music and paraphernalia. Hearing him playing without any accompaniment, not performing or practising, just messing around for the fun of it (he likes to play "Day Tripper" and other Beatles songs when he thinks no-one is listening), makes me smile. And even though he's a professor he still insists on casually calling his violin a "fiddle". Which is what makes me love it even more!

It's lovely to see mthoodmama (Barbara)'s daughter also share her love of singing. Are there other people in the room listening, or singing along? As long as she enjoys making music, that's the important thing.

kirstin of fleeting moments.

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs by mthoodmama (Barbara)


Gilly said...

Day Tripper played on the violin! - I love it. Lovely photos.

urban muser said...

Two beautiful moments you and Barbara have captured here Kirstin. Just a lovely post, I can hear the music from here :)

Barbara Paulsen said...

I love seeing an older person and a younger person both enjoying music! Thank you for choosing my picture, Kirstin! xo, Barbara

Anna said...

Music is such a gift and joy to many. Love the original composition in your capture, Kirstin!

terriporter said...

Love both of these shots and how they convey the love of music. So nice to see your photo here, Barbara!



SuperDewa said...

What a gorgeous photo, Kirstin -- not just the content, but the colors and that great reflection. I would love to hear your father-in-law play.

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