Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Flute 8 RS
I wish someone told me, when I was younger, how cool it was to play an instrument. Growing up, I took piano lessons from a retired woman in my neighborhood. I was convinced that people only played the piano in was not cool. Interestingly enough, I didn't consider the cool factor when I entered middle school and decided to play the our school band (no, not marching band, but still). Had I only known then what I know now, I would have practiced more...appreciated more...listened more.

Years later and I haven't touched my flute or the piano (other than to take a photograph). However, I'm always mesmerized when I watch a musician put their fingertips to work. There's something about their energy that inspires me. For example, when I look at Leanne@123's photo below, I imagine what this musician must have been playing at the time she took the photo. Whether they were playing rock, country or soul, my hips start moving. In that I think about it, I kind of want to dance.

Will you join me?
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B&W guitar
B&W Guitar by Leanne@123


Leanne said...

Oh, thanks for choosing my photo, I wish i had of paid more attention to music lessons when I was younger as well. I'm very fortunate to have a musical family though- this is my husband & he's probably playing rock'n'roll- possibly Rolling Stones.
I have musically talented boys as well, so I can just be the photographer :)

Gilly said...

Oh how I wish I hadn't adamantly refused piano lessons when I was young. I tried other 'cooler' instruments, but nothing took. I'm left-handed, and when I tried to teach myself guitar I had to transpose all the fingering diagrams as I held it the 'wrong' way round; not surprisingly, I gave up on it quite quickly. I make up for it all by singing a lot - but not in company!

Becky Sue said...

It is my theory that if you start kids before the "cool factor" sets in you can integrate music into their lives. I was introduced to guitar in middle school but my instructor had the worst breath and I hated taking lessons. Then, when it came time to practice, I would rather spend that time with friends. Both my boys have started cello and bass in second grade. The now 6th grade bassist just performed at the University of Massachusetts as the solo bassist in an 89 member orchestra. I'm not too proud. ;)

Susan said...

Two great musical images. As a music teacher I kept trying to tell my students how many parents came to my door and said they "wished" they'd taken lessons or hadn't quit. And I told the students I'd never had anyone say they wished they hadn't taken time to learn. It's never too late. A college/univ is a great place to find an able student who might like to earn a little pocket money.

Amanda said...

i love those two pictures! gorgeous. i played violin in middle school and was definitely NOT cool. but now i am so glad i kept with it. i play in the church band on sundays and love it! if i could play any other instrument, it would be the guitar or piano. i love both of those.

Kirstin said...

This makes me want to go and practice the piano. Love that these are both monochrome too. Beautiful.

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