Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the mood of music

As I've been reflecting on music these past few weeks, I've come to notice how much music shapes my mood, and likely the mood of anyone within earshot. I love when an old favorite comes on the radio when I'm driving, and if it's nice weather, I will roll down the windows, crank the volume, and sing my (can't-carry-a-tune) heart out. Those moments make me feel so happy, so alive. I'm also that girl who, when I need a good cry, looks for my "sad music" on my iPod or amongst my CD collection. Elton John's "Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word" gets me every time.

I also love going out to hear live music. Seeing music performed brings the experience to an entirely different level and has a mood all of its own. Look at the intensity in the accordion player's face...I can feel emotion spilling off of him as he sings and plays. Where music, in general, fills your sense of hearing, watching live music allows for more senses to be filled, creating that much more mood from the music.

This music photo by PictureHappySue so strongly conveys a specific mood. I adore it (and it has that vintage-vibe you know I love). I can feel a somberness, with the old record playing, maybe a favorite song of long-lost love, and the rain coming down making it's own rhythm on the window. Yeah, music is full with mood.

Meghan of Life Refocused

rain music 
rain music by PictureHappySue


christina said...

i love this! yep, with the windows down, that's the only way to go!
both these photos are fab!

Kirstin said...

Mood and music are so wonderful when combined, aren't they? Love your words and pictures, Meghan. x

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