Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my quiet place

It is only when we silence the blaring sounds of our daily existence 
that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, 
as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.  
~ K.T. Jong

Living an urban life I find the constant noise, movement, and "get-up-and-go!" attitude sometimes makes it difficult to find the quiet place in my mind. But whether we live in a big city or a small country town I think we all sometimes find ourselves lost amid the pace of our own daily lives.

I've always found the water to be a soothing, relaxing place for me to stop, gather myself, and reboot. Luckily I live on an island so I am surrounded by water. It may not be an exotic or tropical island (there are no palm trees in sight) but when I am seeking the rush of solitude that only water can give me, I am surrounded by rivers on all sides and the lakes and reservoirs of Central Park to give me what I need.

I grew up on the east coast just outside of New York City so I spent much of my childhood and young adult life running to the beach for my respite. It looks like sdanddoublee also knows the calming powers of a good day at the beach. I can just feel it washing over me as I take in this lovely scene.

Where's your favorite place to relax?

~christy {urban muser}


quiet by sdanddoublee


Dorian Susan said...

I find water relaxing, or a quiet walk in the woods. Great images.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh, living only 25 miles from Galveston the beach is my absolute place to have quiet time by myself. My next favorite would be the coastal birding trail ..... beautiful images!

Anna said...

Hi Christy,
My favorite place to relax is beside the lake watching the change of color and pattern in the water. I have a bit longer to wait for that pleasure, as the ice goes out the third week of April each year. We always mark "ice out and first loon sighting" each yr on the calendar. So, for now it's walks in the peaceful, snow filled woods. These are both gorgeous images!

lisa said...

I LOVE this photograph Christy!

My favorite place to relax is anywhere very quiet, and near water.
Preferably a deserted beach, but they can truly be so hard to find once the weather starts warming up.

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for featuring my photo, Christy. :-)
I love the ocean, only wished I lived closer to one. The MN lakes will have to do for my "quiet". :-)

Holly ~ Soupatraveler said...

beautiful pairing christy...the beach always has my heart, but i also love a river...and of course, the tub!

Kirstin said...

What a wonderful contrast of city and beach and yet both are so wonderfully relaxing, Christy. The sea is definitely one of my favourite places to relax. Definitely.

christina said...

such serene and gorgeous shots. xo

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