Wednesday, January 18, 2012

growing up in black and white

Remember those days as a young child when everything was black and white? You know, yes or no, right or wrong, hot or cold, light or dark…you get the picture. Things were usually one thing or another without much in between. In our youthful innocence, we could find beauty and excitement in everything from banging on pots and pans to moving pebbles from one spot to another. Where getting dirty didn't count, and getting cold certainly didn't matter if you were playing outside all day long. In the winter months, my sister and I would play in the snow until darkness fell and we were soaked through! As long as there were hills to sled down, ponds to skate on, or snowmen to be built, we were content!

This youthful innocence immediately spoke to me in the stunning image below by Cherish Bryck Photography. That little girl below, all puffed up in her layers, is completely fascinated by the pigeon display before her seemingly oblivious to the rest of the world. She reminded me of last winter's visit to my sister where I watched my nephew, stuffed into his own winter layers, zip around on his push bike despite the cold. While I chased him down the sidewalk, shivering in my down coat, he didn't even notice. In fact, he smiled, pausing long enough for me to snap off this picture, before darted away again leaving me trailing behind. How about you? Do you have any special memories of winter?

Holly ~ Soupatraveler

33/365 by cherish bryck photography


Dorian Susan said...

Beautiful pics both....I can see why you were inspired. Cold. Can't remember ever enjoying it, but remember the puffy coats. Mine was green.

Ashley Sisk said...

I can totally relate with what you had to say here - why can't childhood be that way anymore...or rather adulthood. Wonderful pairing.

Anna said...

Hi Holly,
B&W is wonderful for any subject matter - great captures! I have lots of happy childhood winter memories.....building snow forts with my brother, sister, and neighborhood kids, walking over to the outdoor skating rink with friends, endlessly skating, building big snowmen, and our family going sledding at some large hills a few miles from our home. Lots of happy memories!!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane :)

Kat Sloma said...

You touched on so many memories Holly! Being bundled up so you could barely move, playing like crazy in the snow for hours on end. Wonderful photographs and word images today!

urban muser said...

your post is conjuring images of me sledding down a hill over and over until my toes were frozen and i didn't care! thanks for the reminder holly. love it!

SuperDewa said...

Wonderful words, Holly. I do remember those days. Living in the city meant special trips to sledding hills and ice skating rinks, and I was always perfectly happy while I was there, no matter how cold it was. Once the trip home started, however, I'd start to feel it.

Kirstin said...

It is amazing how little people don't feel the cold as much as grown ups. That is, except for Miles. Ha! He is a real moaner in the cold. I love this post, Holly. Great for conjuring those wintry memories.

maureen said...

I've NEVER liked the cold. As a kid I was always one of the first to go back inside in the winter, if I went out at all. Still don't like it. Give me 95 degree temps any day.

audreyamaro said...

I used to loooove sledding. There was a giant hill in my best friends neighborhood. I rememeber that it seemed so scary, but I loved every second once I was zipping down the hill on my red racer sled.

My kids do not seem to care one bit about the cold, it always amazes me!! Too busy having fun!


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