Monday, December 12, 2011

and the next theme is... FRESH

A new year is right around the corner, and a fresh slate of new beginnings, await us. Many of us will set goals, fill in new calendars, or feed our souls with balance. Maybe a walk near the water to stand in stillness, as you listen to the beauty, of the waves.


water watching by lucy.loomis

Will you load up the van, hit the road and take the trip, you've always wanted take?

Australia. Caravanning

austrailian caravanning by gemma marwick

How about seeking out nature, and all it has to offer?

[285|2011-10-12] Little fall treasure

these little treasures by hnxing

No matter what your plans are for a fresh new year,  in my heart, I know you will shine. ; )

~313/365~ Shine

shine by doc unc

Here's to new beginnings! I look forward to seeing all your FRESH photos in our flickr pool.

{Our festive musing and giveaways will  resume tomorrow with the creative prompt announced yesterday...GREETINGS}

Christina {soul aperture}


margie said...

sharing, sometimes you just don't want to if chocolate is involved. i have a wonderful image of a brother and sister "sharing".

Tracey said...

It's all so beautiful, thank you for bringing me here.

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

Can't wait for this theme! I love looking at the new year as something FRESH to get started on!

Anna said...

Christina, love the photos that you've collected here! Fresh will be the perfect start to the new year:)

Kirstin said...

I love these pictures and words, Christina. They all glow!
Thank you.

Christina said...

i am so looking forward to a new year ; ) Fresh!

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