Thursday, October 6, 2011

zoom, zoom

Last Christmas I spent a lot of time blurring my images. I had discovered zooming during long exposures, and was forever playing with shutter speed, zoom speed and compositions. I was lucky to have so many subjects close at hand, with the lights and people in the bustle of central Milan. I discovered a fun sense of time travel in my photographs when people were included. They were both here and gone, in the same image. 

Apparently, you get the same effect when trying to photograph a two year old. Nothing but motion, according to gina g10. I love the effect she was able to capture, such energy! No need for her to zoom during exposure, the toddler was doing it for her.

If you haven't done it before, try using zoom during long exposures to create blur sometime, it's great fun. Or maybe, just borrow a toddler, if you don't have one of your own. 

Kat of The Kat Eye View of the World

Two year old in motion

Two year old in motion by gina g10


Ashley Sisk said...

This is such a cool technique - I really must try it!

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

Awesome pairing! Zooming is a really cool effect and fun to do. I usually forget about it, do it by mistake, and then play with if for a while! And time travel, never though of it like that, very neat! thanks for the giggle about the toddler too!

gina said...

I used to think that blurred photos were mistakes and indicated incompetence by the photographer. Now I realize that they can capture something special, like movement or beautiful light. Thanks, Kat, for sharing my photo and for showing us the beauty in blur.

Barbara said...

Both of the photos are wonderful! I love blurred photos!

Kirstin said...

This looks like such fun, Kat! I must give it a try sometime!

urban muser said...

love this effect. zoom zoom!

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