Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a passion for blur

Blurred photos, ask me, I know all too well about them. Back in the day, I often produced photos that were out of focus, without trying, only to walk away disappointed. I can't help but laugh now, because today, I have a passion for blurry photos. Blurred photos have become, the new black. These photos can be art, they hold a certain mystery to them, the blurred effect, outlines the story, I want to convey. And I love that many of these photos, with questionable focus, decorate my home. 

A heavy blur can hide secrets, a slight blur can act as a frame, softening an image to perfection. That's what I saw in kat3no3l photo, Blueberry Blur. The blurred background, along with the light, became a frame for the gorgeous, centered blueberry. I must admit, it's so freeing to see so many photographers, embracing the blur. ; )

christina {soul aperture}

Blueberry blur

blueberry blur by kat3no3l


Anna said...

Good Morning Christina,
I'm with you, I do love some of my blurry photos! Although I strive for perfect focus on my center of interest, some of my " missed shots" focus-wise capture the mystery and charm of the subject better than the "perfect" shots. They remind me of Impressionist paintings and they enchant me. These shots no longer go in the trash. Instead, I covet them:)
Happy day to you,

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

I agree! Sometimes some of the best shots are burry accidents!

Oliag said...

I think I have been deleting too many blurred shots! These have a beauty of their own to them...and I agree with Anna in that they bring to mind Impressionist paintings...

urban muser said...

i love to see you embracing the blur! beautiful shots.

Kat Sloma said...

LOL Christina - "blur is the new black." I love your perspective!

Kirstin said...

I love your words, Christina and the images are a perfect accompaniment.

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