Monday, October 3, 2011

and the next theme is...HOME

Where we come from, our homes, can often define us. It can be a place or also a state or mind. Right now, if you're reading this from your home, take a look around you. What do you see? Perhaps you have built a tidy, manicured nest that you love to enjoy, or maybe instead it's a messy retreat. Really, it's all a matter of interpretation, right?

In my studio
In my studio by Kat Eye View

Do you live in the country of your birth, or have you emigrated to a new land, maybe for a job, a relationship, or a new life. If you've moved away from your birthplace, perhaps to a new country or new city, you might long for the tastes, sights and sounds of your childhood, and "home" means a special package in the mail, a home-cooked meal or perhaps a visit from a loved one making your new home feel more like the old one from which you've come. 

Visit From Mom by Soupatraveler

Do you live alone, or do you share your space with others, perhaps your parents, a spouse or lover, children, pets or roommates. Basic facts, for sure, but very telling ones which can determine the size of your abode. How many rooms do you have? Who do you share your meals with? What things fill up your home?

the "table"
the "table" by Urban Muser

But home can also be a state of mind, as in home is "where the heart is" or as the song goes, "...home is whenever I'm with you!" It might not matter to you where you live, so long as it's with the ones you love.

Magic by Cara

How we live from day to day, where we come from, who and what we surround ourselves with, they all come together to create our worlds. Where do you feel most at home? And with whom? Share with us the images that make up your home. They don't even need to be specific, they could just convey that "homey" feeling.

Zander Enjoys a Summer Evening
Zander Enjoys a Summer Evening by Ashley Sisk

I look forward to seeing what you turn your cameras towards over the next two weeks! I can't wait to surf the Mortal Muses Theme group to see what "home" looks like to you.


mosey (kim) said...

Ah, such a great theme. Probably comprises at least three quarters of my photography...

Ashley Sisk said...

This is really going to be awesome. I take most of my photos at home...but this will get my brain working.

Oliag said...

Love each of these examples of the new theme...I think most of my photos are taken at to decide if they actually SAY home:)

Christina said...

each one of these warmed my heart. i can't wait for this one!

urban muser said...

love this post holly! you gave so many great ideas for "homey" photos.

Punctuation Mark said...

lovely post!!! i so agree that home is where the heart is!!!

Anika said...

So this theme.

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