Friday, September 30, 2011

muse mosaic {macro}

Looking through the flickr pool has shown me the wealth of colours and details that macro photography can reveal. That's the great thing about macro images: the way they let us highlight aspects of everyday life that are right under our noses all along. I was inspired to make a rainbow of your lovely pictures. 

1. Passionate color, 2. purple petals, 3. Zinnia, 4. 365/12, 5. Red Topper, 6. 6. Bubbles in a glass of liquid, 7. DSC_0008WEB, 8. Untitled, 9. Happy Sun(flower)day!, 10. Bubbly lemon, 11. ate every single leaf from my pepper plant, 12. morning dew, 13. IMG_2747_edited-1, 14. Home Sweet Home, 15. Wishing you a fabulous day!, 16. starringWM

Do share your favourite macro shots with us by using the linky tool; the tool will be open until Sunday evening. And please feel free to use the mosaic muse button on your blogs as you link up.

Mosaic Muse

kirstin of fleeting moments


Anonymous said...

What beautiful macro shots you have chosen.

Anna said...

Good Morning Kirstin,
What a beautiful mosaic! I purchased my macro lens this summer. It has opened up a world of amazing detail and wonder. I can get lost in my own garden - studying, composing, and clicking. I love macro photography! Thanks for the linky fun. I'm sharing some raindrops captured in a spider's web, found in my yard.
Happy day to you,

Kat Sloma said...

Lovely mosaic Kirstin! I love how you organized the color. It will be fun to see the macro photography everyone shares!

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

Awesome collection Kirstin! Love how you've displayed these colors!

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful mosaic with so many gorgeous macro shots!! Macro photography takes my breath away!!

urban muser said...

love this mosaic kirstin! especially that snail :)

Gilly said...

Gorgeous mosaic, Kirstin; I love the way you've arranged the colours.

esra said...

wonderful mosaic! love how you arranged it
thanks you.

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