Monday, September 19, 2011

and the next theme is...BLURRED

In the early stages of our photography journey, we often become a bit obsessed with a perfectly focused shot. If only you had a camera with a faster shutter speed, you'd be set. So, you upgrade your camera and are thrilled that you no longer have to worry about those blurry images that the old camera always seemed to produce. Of course we quickly realize that it's not the camera, but the photographer and we spend the next few months-years learning how to use our new fancy-spancy camera.

Then it take a photo and your settings are all off. Maybe your shutter speed is too slow or you forgot to focus. You almost want to delete the photo, but something about it makes you linger. That blur is no longer's stunning.

twirl, twirl, twirl for the birthday girl
twirl, twirl, twirl for the birthday girl by kirstinmckee
There are a number of ways to capture a blurred image:
  • Slow your shutter speed. Fast shutter speeds (ex. 1/4000) will actually freeze movement. If you're looking for something along the lines of Kirstin's image above, select a longer shutter speed (.5 seconds to 5 seconds). Your subject won't need to move much at all before you start to see blur. This is perfect for dancing or highway scenes (although you may need a tripod).
Painted Venice
Painted Venice by Kat Eye View
  • Move the Camera. Moving the camera during a long exposure can create the effect of an abstract painting. You no longer control exactly what you get, but you create a new way of seeing a still scene. These types of shot can be especially interesting at night.
Walking Downtown Walking Downtown by Ashley Sisk
  • Unfocus. Turn your camera's focus to manual. Then rotate your focus ring until you've blurred the image. By a simple turn of the dial you can change an otherwise ugly side street into a work of art. Using this approach, you'll also be able to better capture other elements of a scene such as skylines, architectural shape, bokeh and emotion. It's one of my favorite techniques!
2/52 A Harmony in Lights
A Harmony in Lights by soupatraveler

Whatever approach you take, blur it out! 

Also, join us tomorrow as we start our musing on the theme of Macro images. Then, on the 30th of September, the last day of the theme, we'll be hosting a linky party where you can add your own links and show us all how you have chosen to interpret "macro". We'll be doing these link-ups every other Friday for each theme this year — we hope you'll come out and play!

Until next time,
Ashley of Ramblings and Photos


urban muser said...

love the theme ashley, and these are some great tips! hopefully everyone will get out there and try something new.

Oliag said...

Most of my "blurs" are unintentional but I fall in love with them:)

Christina said...

these are awesome. i can't wait to try some of these tips.

Holly {Soupatraveler} said...

wonderful post ashley! and you nailed it for the beginning we all try to do it "right" and then magic happens and opens our eyes up to the possibilities! love it!

esra said...

Wonderful post; great theme... Thanks for sharing the tips. And these images are beautiful.

Kirstin said...

What a great theme idea and post Ashley!

Anika said...

I love this top image...the black background is so perfect.

Kim Klassen said...

Ashley!! love this post...and really love your image!! fab!

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