Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer solitude

This past weekend, I had the luxury of wandering alone through Historic Savannah with a camera and a sketchpad.  Two full days of bliss (read this as - no kids), gorgeous architecture and southern hospitality.  *sigh*

As I was walking along Bay Street, amidst the hustle and bustle, I spotted this sweet toadtool.  While you can usually find me sprawled on my belly shooting for just the right angle, I was not certain that the respectable ladies and gents of Savannah were ready to see my feet in the air.  So, I set my camera on the ground and just shot "blind." I love the softness of the out of focus grass, the diffused light, and the feeling of quiet that speaks volumes.  Such a delightful surprise. 

Where are you finding your solitude today?  Seek it out and share it with us.

xo tammy lee of bliss and folly

~190/365~ Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away
~190/365~ Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away by DocUNC


Jan @twoscoopz said...

Savannah! One of my favorite places in the world!

Awesome shots. The couple is outstanding.

Anna said...

Excellent captures! You sure got lucky with your "blind" shot! On this grey, cool day, I'll be seeking solitude in my studio....

Kirstin said...

Such beautiful shots.
I find my solitude in my kitchen...looking out to the garden.

missing moments said...

it is fun to see what we get when shooting blind
and then, we get these types of wonderful surprises!

great shot of couple in the rain

Ashley Sisk said...

How great - what a wonderful surprise. Love the pairing.

Jan said...

Sweet. Two umbrellas. Nice Pairing.

Beth said...

Lovely post. I am finding solitude in a good book today.

blue elephant photography said...

wow awesome for shooting blind on that :) i wuv it! love that umbrella in the rain shape too goes well with the mushroom :)

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