Wednesday, July 13, 2011

chalk fun

Oh how I love sidewalk chalk, fun for both kids and adults.  Extra bonus it will keep my kids entertained long enough for me to read a few chapters of my book!  It is fun, messy (my kids love to be messy) but easy to clean, and it is the one time I don't care if they write all over everything... I just wish this little princess would remember for when we are inside :)

April of April Newman Photography

18/52 Exploration #1
Exploration #1 by bunte-knete


Andrea said...

These are both such cute photos.

Becky Sue said...

Love both of these photos so much!

Dorian Susan said...

Fantastic shots both. That low perspective is great.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...


Anna said...

April, truly excellent image!!! Love everything about it - composition, color harmony, subject matter, expression captured - perfect! Our daughter use to spend hours drawing with chalk outside. Sidewalks, chalk, and summer sunshine present just the right mix of fun and creativity:)
Great color and low perspective in the second shot!

missing moments said...

Great shots .... love the perspective of that last one!

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh how fun - I love sidewalk chalk!

maureen said...

such happy photos, love the different perspectives

schtanzerl said...

Thank you all and especially @April.
I feel so honored!
schtanzerl (bunte-knete)

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