Friday, May 13, 2011

fleeting moments

Early Morning Light
early morning light by jogo

Thank you to Jo, a regular contributor to the Mortal Muse flickr groups, for taking my spot this round. I hope you show her some muse love. I’ll be back next time to muse on shapes.
xo maureen

Musing on relaxation . . .  I’m not really sure I know what relaxation is. Generally speaking I’m in a constant state of motion, if not physically, well then mentally. But there are times when I can feel still, fleetingly, and I can feel totally relaxed and just enjoy being and not doing.

Like those last moments of slumber when I can wake up and listen to the resident blackbird with the early morning sunlight slipping through a chink in the curtains and falling across the bedclothes, spreading its warmth. And I know that I still have time left to myself before its time to get up and start the day. And my mind can drift off for a while, with the blackbird song, to daydreams of countryside and birdsong and butterflies and flowers… and my camera …and then the alarm goes off…
I love the mood of relax from Deanna as she is snapped from behind catching a few fleeting moments of relaxation of her own.

guest muse JoGo

RELAX (For Mutal Muses Theme, Relax)
RELAX (For Mortal Muses Theme, Relax) by dks10


urban muser said...

beautiful post. i love those last moments of sleep in the morning too. thanks for musing with us!

maureen said...

I've never been the jump-up-and-out of bed type person. I love those few moments of lying awake anticipating the day, comfortable in my bed. And what beautiful light you've captured in your photo. thanks for musing with us Jo.

Kirstin said...

Oh Jo, this is a marvellous post....I'm one of those people too. Always on the move. Thank you for musing with us. x

windrock studio said...

Both of these images are just wonderful ... that top one makes me feel relaxed right away!

Bel said...

Gorgeous light on the first pic, it is also used beautifully. Very inspiring.

Anika said...

Beautiful! Love the lighting and the nice.

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